Jordan Halleck

The Flames of

My Fathers

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Magic was the last thing on Lieutenant Jedediah Faust's mind as he left home to fight in the Mexican-American War.

But that was before a murderous cult known as Exultus tried to killed his father and take over the world. 


Now Exultus is after the ultimate prize: a pair of oil lamps that can unlock a gateway between worlds.  With the help of a teenage sharpshooter and his father’s cantankerous best friend, Faust must race from the battlefields of Mexico, to the streets of Paris, to the deserts of Egypt to keep the lamps safe.  


But the cult leaders seem to anticipate Faust's every move, leading him to suspect that a traitor is in his ranks.  He soon discovers that his only chance to defeat Exultus is to beat the zealots to the one place where the lamps are most powerful: the lost city of Atlantis. 



I've always enjoyed good storytelling.  Growing up, I fell in love with Greek and Norse mythology and dreamed of inventing my own stories one day. 


The Flames of My Fathers is intended to share that passion with readers.  I invite you to join Jedediah Faust as he journeys across lands both ancient and familiar and grapples with exotic foes.  It's a world taken from the pages of history where magic is very much alive, and evil lurks behind every corner.  

Jordan Halleck live in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and daughter.